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We really don’t know what to think of these adidas clogs

We really don’t know what to think of these adidas clogs

You may have noticed, since the start of 2020, the world has changed slightly. Among all the upheavals usually engendered by these dark times, there is one (admittedly more futile than others) which marked the fashion editorial staff of GQ: the cool-ization of clogs. Yes Yes. Think about it: Crocs is ready to collaborate with Justin Bieber, the Birkenstock boston became the Stan Smith cool guys and strange Yeezy Foam Runner of Kanye West does offend larger world. These different elements lead us almost naturally to the new “adilette clogs” from adidas. : a clog version of the adilette, the famous pool slider whose wearing with socks is currently a symbol of street cred ‘for some, with perforations and the essential three stripes on the side.

“Based on the iconic adidas sandal, these clogs are as functional as they are comfortable. Whether you walk to the gym or the pool for an early morning workout or just want to keep the slouchy-casual vibe all day, slip your foot into its contoured sole and walk out the door ”, We can read on the American site of adidas which markets the pair for 45 $.

Aesthetically, this shoe sits somewhere between minimalism and diehard. However, the form is consistent with the function: we clearly recognize the clog, visibly becoming the silhouette of fashionable shoe (Hermès clogs just paraded at Fashion Week) and comfort seems to be present. Will we go so far as to take the plunge? Only the future will tell us.

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