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The most selfish zodiac signs in bed

The most selfish zodiac signs in bed

  • How are you in bed, lavish with attention or sparing in giving pleasure? Your zodiac sign reveals it to you

Let’s start with reassuring news. There is no sign that does not care about the dimension of eros. Only, some live it less generously. The most selfish zodiac signs in bed, therefore, do not sin in ignorance or inability, but tend to focus, even unknowingly on themselves. Thinking about yourself is okay, but doing it by leaving your partner dry is not good. Having sex is a subtle balancing act between reciprocal give and take: I think about you, but you take care of me too. Otherwise poetry passes and also the desire to be together between the sheets.

To play in advance and avoid some disappointments in a small part, it may be useful to know the zodiac sign of the other.

What are the most selfish zodiac signs in bed?

The Fish in bed forget a little ‘to be receptive and sensitive to other’s ideas, especially during sex: this sign tend to sulk if things do not go as he says and as for physical fitness, is a bit’ lazy, just does the homework. Surprise! Those born between June and July take the tin medal, yes, Cancers . They are sensual and may have bodies designed for love (as you may have already noticed), but in bed they are careless. You will find that sometimes the glazed and distracted gaze of the series “I’m here physically, but not with my head” gets lost. What is it due to? To boredom, probably. And the thing, you will have been through it, creates a certain disappointment in those who are so busy with them.

Who is in the middle (more for bad than good)

Bold and reckless, Aquarius is a truly adventurous sign in the bedroom, indeed too much: it tends to get a little reckless when it comes to love and sex, to the point of not listening to the wishes of those around.

The Capricorn I love sex, but can not support the whole contour that results. Or get straight to the point, they are very good and generous with the pleasure of others, but all the corollary of cuddling and courtship and hugs and sweet words … Naaa.

The signs that are not spared in bed

Surprisingly, the podium of the most generous signs to bed I hold Virgo, Aries and Gemini (for what reasons, you read qu i). But I’m in copious and good company. Among the generous, in fact, there are also Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn .

Those born under the sign of Leo can make their partners cum in ways you would never expect, and in the bedroom, they could very well be the most loving of signs. He knows the importance of love in a couple and this shows that he is not only good in bed, but attentive and respectful to the wishes of the partner.

Known as the most “sexual” of the signs, Scorpio takes sex very seriously, even if it is playful and fun-loving. Sex with this sign of the zodiac is spontaneous and wild, but also attentive and conscientious.

Naturally athletic, Sagittarians (male and female) are the first to sing the praises of a happy and healthy sex life. Sex is important for this sign, but so is self-esteem and self-confidence. Being selfless, he wants his partner to feel safe and will take care of her / him if down in the dumps.

Fearless as lovers, Taurus are also thoughtful as they dare. If there is something you like, tell them about it, because they know how to listen and are also very, very helpful.

Libras want to please each other, so they will go out of their way to please. They don’t like to argue (even if they are the kings and queens of dialectics) and they are intensely sexual people, so in the name of their kindness, they will go out of their way to always guarantee their lovers the best sex in life.

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