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The interface of the PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed and it looks great

The interface of the PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed and it looks great

  • We will have to wait another month before being able to acquire this PlayStation 5 but it is already dreaming.

Information about the PlayStation 5 is trickling down but so far so good. While the new console from Sonywill be marketed from November 19, the Japanese manufacturer has posted an 11-minute video revealing its interface. In view of the first images, the player’s experience will be the absolute priority of this PlayStation 5. The new interface is divided into two categories: on the one hand Media, which should concern the streaming services available on the console and the other Games, allowing access to the games catalog and the PS Store. The nice idea is to add a background to each application, especially for games. By going to the application icon, you can discover the objectives to be achieved (as well as the estimated time to reach them), see your progress in a game and join an online game.

Sony also intends to improve the online gaming experience. Voice chat will be simplified and you will be able to send messages to your friends by dictating them. The screenshots will be optimized with the “Create” button on the DualSense controller . A very interesting mode has been added, that of “picture in picture” which will allow you to play a game while splitting the screen to observe the progress of a friend, next to your game. What to make the multi-player even more pleasant. Many new features that have already conquered many players on social networks who are now waiting for one thing: to have the console in their hands on November 19.

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