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How to Avoid Signs of Aging Skin After 30

How to Avoid Signs of Aging Skin After 30

It is inevitable that over time the signs of aging will start to appear on your skin and that one day you will no longer recognize that “silver fox” watching you from the other side of the mirror. But if men like Pierce Brosnan , Jared Leto , David Beckham , Paul Rudd, and Chris Pine have taught us anything, it’s that aging isn’t so bad, and you can still look gorgeous if you take care of yourself. time. Your skin is constantly exposed to the sun, pollution and climate change. Taking care of her is therefore not only a question of vanity or rejuvenation, it is also a question of health and of keeping her in the best possible condition for longer. Unless you stumble upon the artist who painted Dorioan Gray’s portrait (or discover the fountain of youth that Paul Rudd surely already found), you are going to age and that will reflect on your physical appearance. You have two options, to be one of those “age swallowers” ​​or those who look like they’re 45-30 (like Draco Malfoy), it all depends on what you do as part of your skincare routine. skin.

According to research, when you turn 30, your skin begins to change. For men, that means the dermis starts to dry out and become dull, and it’s worse at age 40 when wrinkles become more evident. “We all start to lose about 1% collagen each year after the age of 20 and we start to see these changes at age 40,” says Houston-based dermatologist DiAnne Davis. “Over time, the loss of collagen results in skin that looks drier with a rougher texture and less hydrated than it was in younger years.”

Can the signs of skin aging be avoided or prevented?

The process cannot be stopped, aging is a natural part of life and at some point your hair will be gray and you will start to look like your grandfather, but, according to experts, it can all be delayed. by changing a few steps in your grooming routine.

Using retinoids

Retinoids stimulate the production of collagen, which can help make the skin more beautiful, younger, more radiant (eyes, no excess sebum) and healthier. Plus, it helps smooth fine lines and lighten sun spots.

Using an exfoliant

The accumulation of dead cells gives the skin a dull appearance and intensifies the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. When you are young your skin has a mechanism that allows it to remove them quickly, but this becomes more difficult with age and this is where a gentle exfoliant can help.

Stop using “harsh” cleaners

You need to treat your skin gently, otherwise you risk damaging it and making the problems worse. You also remove the natural oils from the skin and leave it drier. You should switch to cleansing products that are also hydrating and less harsh on your skin.

Stop smoking and drinking

Cigarettes are one of your skin’s worst enemies, and they are not good for your health. Cigars contain thousands of harmful chemicals that have negative effects on the skin. The same goes for alcohol, which dehydrates the skin.

Hydrate every day

It’s not just about drinking enough water (which is fundamental), but using products designed to help the skin retain moisture, as water is the element that helps skin retain its natural elasticity and shine.

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Remember to exercise regularly

According to some studies, exercising for about 45 minutes, three days a week, helps slow the aging process, and the same goes for your skin. Exercise helps increase blood flow and the detoxification process and remove chemicals from the body.

Using eye cream

Yes there is a special product for the eye area and you have to use it if you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles in your thirties which is one of the signs that can make you look older than you are. are.

Sleep well

Your body repairs itself while you sleep and helps you look fresh in the morning. Experts recommend trying to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night whenever possible.

Put on sunscreen

The sun is also one of the skin’s worst enemies, not only because of melanoma, but also because it speeds up the aging process. So always, even if the weather is cloudy, protect all exposed parts with a suitable sunscreen.

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