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Harry Styles has copied Beckham’s haircut (and you can too)

Harry Styles has copied Beckham’s haircut (and you can too)

  • Harry Styles opts for an undercut that reminds us a lot of other references like David Beckham , Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake (and that is going to become the most requested hairstyle in hairdressers around the world).

It’s not that Harry Styles’ haircut has remained unchanged over time, precisely. It is true that the British artist has not undertaken hair adventures in terms of color like the members of BTS nor has he taken advantage of the confinement to try the 360 ​​degree shaving like David Beckham (and all your friends and neighbors).

However, we have been able to verify a capillary metamorphosis in the case of Harry Styles that has gone from the long wavy hair to the polished toupee, passing through the fringed bangs and a disheveled half hair .

Well, it seems that Styles has sounded the alarm on his mobile to surprise us with a new script twist. And it is that the singer of Watermelon Sugar , Sign Of The Times and Golden has taken advantage of the reopening of hairdressers to introduce us to the most current and modern Harry Styles of recent years with which is a trend haircut this 2020 (and one of the most popular in the male hair field).

Following the example of other manes such as Brad Pitt’s in Hearts of Steel (2015), Justin Timberlake’s during The 20/20 Experience era (2013) and what is David Beckham’s signature look , Harry Styles chooses to the end of the 2020 with an undercut in gradient , with side and the rear perfectly cut and long bangs perfect styling both sidewards and toupee.

It is not the first time, however, that the artist has encouraged himself with what is the most popular haircut among the male population (and one of the few that suits all types of faces). To bury the adolescent One Direction Styles and participate in the film Dunkirk , by Christopher Nolan , Harry Styles already put the scissors in his wavy hair to show a more mature image in line with his first solo album.

It so happens that this new hair look for Harry Styles also coincides with a new project on the big screen: the start of filming Don’t Worry, Darling , a film directed by Olivia Wilde in which the Anglo singer stars alongside Florence Pugh and Chris Pine, it’s imminent.

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If you want to trace the new hairstyle of Harry Styles , you are in luck because it is – and will be – one of the most demanded in hair salons around the world. Ask your hairdresser to clear both the sides of your head and your neck with a razor and gradient (shorter at the nape, slightly longer at the temples) and leave the bangs longer , which you can blow-dry and a round brush for a more polished look or open for a more relaxed hairstyle.

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