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Dominic West will be Prince Charles in the last two seasons of ‘The Crown’

Dominic West will be Prince Charles in the last two seasons of ‘The Crown’

  • Without a doubt, an ideal role for someone who has already starred in a series called 'The Affaire'.

On November 15, Netflix will premiere the fourth season of The Crown , which, as they have advanced in several trailers, will focus a large part of its plot on the dark love story between Charles of England and Diana of Wales . A fairy tale that was never such that we will surely discover new secrets never revealed before.

But while the spectators count impatiently the days that remain to be able to do a marathon with this new batch of episodes ; those responsible for this fiction are already immersed in the whirlwind of the preparation of the fifth season, whose filming will begin shortly.

An always complicated pre-production to which this time a new difficulty is added: finding the ideal actors to play the characters in their most mature stage. And although part of the casting has already been chosen, as Imelda Staunton , who will take over from Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II ; or Jonathan Pryce , who will be in charge of giving life to Felipe de Edimburgo during the last two seasons of the series; there are still gaps to fill. Among them, that of the new Prince Charles.

A role that Josh O’Connor has masterfully defended during seasons 3 and 4 that will be played from now on by British Dominic West, known for starring in series such as The Affair or The Wire .

An actor who is precisely very topical after a few days ago stolen photos came to light in which he was allegedly being unfaithful to his wife Catherine Fitzgerald with actress Lily James . Hopefully that’s not the reason why The Crown producers have thought of him to play the current Prince of Wales.

Although nothing has been signed yet, media such as Variety assure that the negotiations are practically closed. And it would be strange if in the end they didn’t. Any actor in the world would be crazy to appear even for just a second in this flagship Netflix series. Even giving life to what was one of the most hated men of the 90s , which is how the world then viewed Carlos after his divorce and, above all, after the tragic death of Diana.

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