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David Beckham has only three looks that he does not stop repeating and with which he is always well dressed

David Beckham has only three looks that he does not stop repeating and with which he is always well dressed

  • The ultimate style icon had one last piece of advice to be the best dressed man in the world: create your own uniforms to get it right every time.

A David Beckham fits all right , this is something that we have seen over time and over the years. We have known the footballer practically since his adolescence, and tracing his growth and changes in looks chronologically is something as simple to do as typing his name into Google. In these two decades into the 21st century, Beckham has become the ultimate style icon . Each of his public appearances was not only an event, but a new lesson in style. Their suits, jackets, shoes, watches and other accessories are analyzed to the millimeter. Everyone wants to copy his style and make his closet look minimally like Becks’.

One of the keys to understanding why English is a great reference of our time is that he knows perfectly how to mold trends to his personal style , adapting them to his age and professional moment, that is, you will never see him dressed as a man in his in his twenties or as a teenager in the forties he lives now, but always standing out among the rest.

Little by little, and after retiring from football, he has been pouring all his fashionista knowledge into his own brands: in Kent & Curwen those of fashion, in DB Eyewear those of his best collection of glasses and in House99 those of basic care (possibly it was he who made the thousand changes of look on the pitch fashionable that attract so much attention now). If you want to be like Beckham, you just have to turn to these firms. However, it is one thing to have the same wardrobe as Beckham and quite another to wear it as he does. And when we thought that he no longer had any more style tricks to give us, we just discovered the last one: David Beckham has only three looks that he does not stop repeating and with whom he is always well dressed .

David Beckham’s uniforms

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Oddly enough, Becks’ rise to the Olympus of style was not a matter of reaching out and kissing the saint , but a trial-and-error process that everyone goes through. It is true that the main brands and the best tailors were at his disposal to make his stylistic experiments come true, but that did not save him from giving the occasional stumble.

The path to excellence in this sense goes through practice, from knowing how to identify the characteristics of a good suit to finding the jeans that best suit you. He has done it over time, slowly and with good handwriting. Over the years, he knows exactly what suits him best and how to wear them, which has led to the predictable: he has a series of base outfits that he feels comfortable in and that he has turned into his particular uniforms , with some sporadic license to the trend .

The costume of official acts

We could say that his number one uniform is the suit , which he uses in presentations. The robot portrait of your favorite two pieces could be the following: always in a dark color , preferably navy blue, black or charcoal gray. Always with the cut slim fit right , neither too tight nor too loose. The perfectly balanced proportions between his shoulders and his football-muscled legs. The jacket, slightly tailored at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette, always has two buttons and a standard width lapel .

Their shirts vary between the English and Italian collars, but their cut is always slim fit and they alternate between the pristine white, the blue or the polka dots. As for his ties , he shies away from fanfare and almost always chooses those in sober tones, such as navy blue and burgundy, and usually adjusts them with a simple tie clip.

The utility for everyday

When not on duty, his civilian uniform is the utility or workwear uniform , which is also his son Brooklyn’s favorite. You will recognize him because his clothes are inspired by classic American work uniforms. They are simple and functional pieces , generally made of rigid canvas and in beige tones. It is common to see him with straight trousers in tan colors that he combines with matching jackets creating a total look (one of his favorites is the OG Chore by Carhartt ). A look that is usually finished with basic t-shirts or sweatshirts and Wallabees boots or shoes .

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The peaky blinders for fashion shows

When the act of duty is mixed with a casual situation, Beckham makes use of his third uniform: the Peaky Blinders . The style of these British mobsters from the early 20th century has once again made its mark on men’s trends in recent years, both in clothing and hairdressing . In fact, Kent & Curwen – a firm of which David Beckham is a partner – launched a bespoke collection inspired by the series, ‘By Order of the Peaky Blinders .

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Its aesthetic is based on the classic values ​​of British tailoring , which Beckham knows perfectly: three-piece suits in tasty tweeds, wool, Prince of Wales and partridge eyes, knee-length coats, tapered pants with or without pleats at the waist and cut to the ankle, laced boots, berets … Elements that work both together and separately and that the English athlete has updated and made his own.

On the one hand, it is tailoring, yes, but not like that of official events, but more sport (mainly because of the fabrics it uses). On the other, it is a trend, but without large fireworks, in its fair measure. Beckham has both fields dominated, that of tailoring and that of the measured trend, therefore, this look becomes the perfect choice to wear in those fashion events in which excessive formality is not required.

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