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Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to know more about our brand!

We are a community for enthusiasts of the African inspired lifestyle. We work to show the world an intimate look at Africa through it’s fashion, beauty and diverse culture.

Our company was founded by Daniel Usidamen in 2018 and works primarily to showcase African inspired fashion and design and to give African brands and influencers a platform to show their products to the world.

Our Story

OsheySneh is a company that celebrates fashion and design inspired by Africa. Our passion is African inspired Design and our mission is to show the whole world just how talented Africa really is.

We support African designers, labels and brands by giving them a platform to showcase their brands and products as well as aiding them with strategic brand decisions. We also support brands by encouraging their target customers to #BuyAfrican

Our company was birthed out of a love for Africa and its talented designers, brands and people. We created this platform to show the world that Africa is a continent to be recognized, not just for negativity but for it’s positive impact on the world at large.

We Love African inspired Fashion, beauty & style!


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Daniel Jones

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