Wait for it!! Jackie Chan is back! Don’t get confused, he isn’t starring in a new movie, sources say; “He’s collaborating with fashion brand Li-Ning.”

The martial art star has been reportedly involved with the label, which is said to debut in Paris 18th of this month.

According to the label’s founder, Champion Gymnast Li Ning, “Jackie was deeply involved in the design process, bringing his years of personal experience and expertise in kung fu, the influence of which can be seen across the products.”

We’ll get to see the collection at a catwalk show at Centre Pompidou in the city, with the sporting and athletic goods company celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Speaking about his fighting days on screen, Jackie admitted that they are set to come to an end because he is too old to be an action man.

“I know I’m not young anymore. I cannot continue to make ‘Rush Hour 1, 2, 3, 4, 5’. If I’m [too] continue in the film industry. I have to change. “Otherwise, you’re gone. You see in Japan. Korea. America. China. Hong Kong. How many action stars are all gone? Only a few can stay around.”

“You get up at five o’clock in the morning. Training until five o’clock. We would never take off the shoes. You don’t have time to take off the shoes. Tough training. Very tough. Hours – a thousand punches, 500, kicks. Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa. Turn-around, kick, hundred. Left side, hundred,” said Jackie.

He further questioned the trend in Hollywood where movies rely on stunt doubles and special effects rather than training their actors to fight.

Making mention of Spider-Man and Wonder Woman; “They go, ‘Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.’ Then (Gal Gadot) came back, just pretty, just standing there. Ha! Easy.”

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