I say this jokingly sometimes. I take myself to be my partner, to have and to hold from this day forward.

To what seems like a joke to some people (especially me), it isn’t to others. With some feeling the pressures of finding a soul mate that gets you and you want to spend your entire life with.

The woman from Vanderbijlpark, south of Joburg, made a commitment to herself on Saturday 9 November. Rita Woodall-Terblanche the Bride & Groom, had a wedding ceremony with few guests.

She had been married twice, the first lasted for 6 years and the second for 37 years, however, her husband passed away in 2016.

Here are some details from her wedding:

  • The wedding ring was designed by Rita using a horseshoe which represents luck, a yellow diamond in the middle and was welded in gold.
  • Her wedding attire was a combination of clothing items including a blouse that has a veil that hangs from the back.
  • Her ‘something old’ was a black skirt from years back that she hadn’t worn in years.
  • The bouquet was made up of four sunflowers and one big Protea.
  • Rita walked herself down the aisle and had her dear friend, Leoni, who is like a sister to her, marry her.
  • Although she had invited almost 20 people, seven guests including her brother and his wife and some of her close friends, attended the wedding.
  • Rita’s wedding vows went as follows: “I, Rita, promise in front of all the people present and God that I will love myself, be true, faithful, and respect myself the only way I know how.”
  • After the ceremony, Rita had the reception where she celebrated with bottles of champagne and served gourmet food. However, there was no wedding cake.
  • The ceremony cost R6 600 in total.
  • Rita will be going on a honeymoon to Bela-Bela for a week.

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