The NACK brand has officially launched a collection tagged the leagues of Xtraodinary Nigerians (LXN). Its a movement designed specifically to promote patriotism as well as unity amongst Nigerians all over the world.
According to its statement:

The LXN collection is a collection of fashion items that are aimed at instilling pride in Nigerians. The collection includes a face cap in various colors and a Jersey like top which is tagged as an identity for a forward-moving Nigerian. This collection was designed in line with the vision of the NACK brand– which is to create a New Nigeria that Nigerians and the world can be proud of.


By creating this collection, NACK Apparel has provided not just a fashion item but also an identity. The LXN collection was designed for a movement of people who believe in a new and better Nigeria, a people who strive to achieve or have achieved in their various fields, a people that believe in zero tribalism, who see love as the ultimate solution and believe that by working together they can make Nigeria a country of their dreams.

Tolulope Akinpeloye, founder and creative head for Nack Apparel, describes the collection in one word; Indigenous. She explained further;

Nigerian’s are individualistic and nonconformists. They are in need of something that makes them unique and helps them identify as proud citizens of their county. Inspired by Nigeria, this collection is aimed at building back a country that Nigerians can be proud of, through fashion.

The new LXN collection is now available in all NACK stores and on the NACK Apparel website.
See the full collection below
Videography – @aaronitems
Photography – @falade_lukmon

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