Much of what you wear creates an optical illusion, so it is important to take note of what you wear to maintain that illusion of looking tall. What height is short, average and tall?

  • Short: Below 5ft7
  • Average: falls between 5ft7 and 6ft2
  • Tall, over 6ft2 but less than 6ft5
  • Very tall, over 6ft5

With that cleared up, the short man faces a lot of style struggle. Study as shown that average clothing is not designed for the not so tall man (as well as the very tall men) and that’s why they face so many style struggles with getting/finding the right clothes to fit – it can be too long or too short. To get the best fit, you need to know a good tailor.

One thing short people need to remember is, you’re short doesn’t mean you have to look short when you dress.

The fact is the way you dress makes you appear taller.

Avoid Baggy Trousers.

your pants play a key role in how short or tall you look – baggy trouser makes you look shorter. If the crotch, width of the pant leg, and the pant length are too wide, you’ll look shorter. Never sag your trousers, to maximize your leg line.

Get a good tailor.

Get a fucking good tailor (sorry for cursing). Write it down; having a good tailor is a necessity. Loose clothes make you look shorter, so get a good tailor.

Your Shirt Shouldn’t Pass Your Hipbone or Crotch.

If you’re wearing a buttoned-down shirt, tuck it in most of the time to give you a slimmer line and make your legs look longer. Likewise, if you’re wearing a shirt designed to be un-tucked or a T-shirt, make sure it is short enough—not past your hipbone. Longer hems will swallow you up and make your legs look stubby. Avoid short sleeves, they shorten your arms.

Your shoes ad extra heights.

People don’t know that wearing big and bulky shoes make them look shorter. So Wear shoes with an elongated toe box with a tape in the shoe. Wear shoes with heels to give you an extra inch, this way you look taller.

Note: To look taller, avoid anything that will draw their attention below.

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