There are two things have grown to know, you are either a tie guy or you are not. I am not a tie guy; I mean I like the way it looks on other people but I’ve never actually thought of myself in a tie.

Now you’re worried that you won’t pull it off effortlessly, and stylishly.  For most men, especially the Harvey Specter kind of guys, they feel awkward wearing a suit without a tie, and that’s normal.

What can I say? Suits and ties are like bread and butter, needle, and thread (you get my point) – they are meant to be together, but that doesn’t mean that fashion rule can’t be altered.

And that’s okay! No rule stopped people from wearing a sneaker on a suit, so this is no different. Look at it this way, if one can wear a suit on a sneaker, a suit without a dress shirt, then why can’t you.

It’s all about creativity, depending on your style preference, occasion and the type of suit.  

Key Rules to Follow

Occasion. The occasion determines if you can lose the tie or not. Events like conferences, dates, seminars, to a wedding as a guest and even to the office (as long as business casual is accepted).

Fit. The type of suit matters here, style experts say it’s okay if you can stylishly wear a suit with a t-shirt or denim shirts as long as they are well fitted (not tight).

How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie

#1 Undo a button or two.

The tieless suit is not a buttoned-up look, so neither should your shirt be. It gives a more daring and casual appearance.

If you’re uncertain if this is appropriate for your occasion, just lose a button. Be sure to make sure your undershirt isn’t visible; if you wear one, you’ll want to opt for the v-neck style, rather than a crewneck.

#2 Go Collarless.

If you don’t feel like wearing a collared shirt, you can opt for a collarless shirt. You can pair a collarless shirt with a navy blue suit jacket, burgundy suit, or gray suit in window-pane pattern (depending on the color of the shirt) and a pair of suit friendly sneakers or loafers.  A perfect alternative is the henley shirt.

#3 Wear a less formal shirt.

Without the tie, all attention will be on the shirt, and a more casual shirt gives the impression that this absence was an intentional choice.

Go with denim or a classic Oxford shirt in plain or patterned fabric or a button-down in a chambray, whichever one you prefer.

#4 Confidence.

And last, confidence is key. You just have to be confident, and own it! This makes your style even more attractive…

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