Have really wondered how guys grow beards. Have watched videos, tried the mixture of weed with hair creams, weed with spirits, am currently using a cream which isn’t getting me there.

So recent study show what you and I already know, that the testosterone levels in men have a huge role to play in beard growth.

The study explains that testosterone levels are influenced by a lot of factors. Diets, physical activities and genetic predisposition are some of the factors.

A university in the UK, Bradford University recently came to the conclusion that the beard growth correlates with sun exposure in the summer. Let’s say; the more you are exposed to the sun, the faster your beard grows. Cool right!

It also shows that the beard grows slower in winter, it’s also the period when many men decide to grow it. It’s the same in terms of testosterone, the level of testosterone is more present in the summer than in the winter.

My conclusion is that if you want sport a beard in the winter, Summer is the best period to take care of growth and maintenance of the beard.

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